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  • Own production

    Our own production of the laboratory furniture is the largest one in Ukraine.

  • Individual solutions

    Our specialists provide a full package of design services.

  • Quality assurance

    The quality is confirmed by the state certificate of State Standard Specification, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001:2015.

  • International experience

    Our laboratory furniture is demanded in other countries.

Laboratory furniture TM EXPERT 

TM Expert - is the largest manufacturer of specialized laboratory furniture in Ukraine. A lot of laboratories working in a petrochemical and gas processing, mining and metallurgical, energy and construction, food and light industries, non-productive and health spheres, epidemiological and ecological as well as many other sectors of our industry have become our partners during the years of a successful operation in the market.

Laboratory furniture of TM Expert is the undisputed leader of professional security laboratories in Ukraine. Having the experience of equipping more than 3,000 laboratories in Ukraine, we, like no one, understand the needs of companies in the equipment of laboratory furniture, so that we can anticipate all the nuances that arise in the course of your employees in the laboratory.

Extensive experience of successful and complex supplying of laboratories allows us to take care of all peculiar notions concerning the operation of specialized furniture. We understand the requirements to the laboratory furniture like no one else and are able to anticipate all nuances that can emerge during the work of your employees in a laboratory.

Laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT is based on an experience of many renowned experts and meets the requirements of the work in laboratories of different fields.

Range of laboratory furniture of Expert

The range of our laboratory furniture includes:

  • Laboratory tables (including tables for a specialists, tables for laboratory devices, tables for scales and etc.);
  • Sinks laboratory;
  • Cupboards laboratory (mobile and stationary);
  • Extensions laboratory (for titrating, for drying laboratory glassware, etc.);
  • Cases laboratory (a case for storage of a laboratory glassware and reactants, etc.);
  • Hoods.

Laboratory furniture of TM EXPERT was created according to the modern trends in design and construction of the specialized laboratory. Experience let us remember all the operational features of specialized furniture such as a resistance to aggressive environments, an easy installation of communications, a fire-resistance etc.

Distinctive features the TM Expert furniture:

  • C-shaped and U-shaped primary structure for a reliable and productive exploitation;
  • Modern working surfaces;
  • Chemical-resistant valves and faucets;
  • Individual, non-standard sizes;
  • All products are certified.

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